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Mammas Bear

Azure Breeze Jumpsuit

Azure Breeze Jumpsuit

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The "Azure Breeze Jumpsuit" for babies is a delightful combination of a flared blue jumpsuit with charming green straps. This outfit captures the refreshing essence of a cool breeze and the vibrancy of lush greens. Crafted with comfort and style in mind, it's the perfect choice for your little one's playful moments or special outings. Let your baby's innocence and joy shine as they wear this adorable jumpsuit, embodying the spirit of carefree days and endless fun.

Fabric Composition

This product is crafted using premium organic cotton, ensuring a blend of comfort, softness, and eco-friendliness. Made without harsh chemicals, it's a gentle choice for your little ones skin and the environment. Enjoy the natural feel of organic cotton with every wear.


To maintain the quality of this product, we recommend washing it with cold water. Cold water helps preserve colours and fabric integrity while minimising the risk of shrinkage. Gently hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle with like colours. For best results, use a mild detergent. Remember, cold water care keeps your product looking great and ensures its longevity.

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